Josh Dahlberg – Analyst

How does a young man who served as a Combat Engineer in the Singapore Armed Forces find his way to a position at Avondale Partners in Nashville? The short answer is a BBA in Finance & Economics from Belmont University, where Josh graduated magna cum laude, and a career in banking ever since. 

The longer answer is that while Josh is still a young man, he has led a very interesting life. He has lived in San Francisco, Singapore, and Copenhagen, and has traveled extensively since he took his first solo overseas trip at the age of ten. When he is not building financial models at Avondale, he stays in shape by running, lifting weights and training Muay Thai. In the winter months, Josh enjoys hitting the slopes of the mountains in Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia, having started skiing as soon as he could walk. Needless to say, Josh brings a well-rounded perspective to each of the deals he works on at Avondale.

“Guinness is my favorite beer. My second choice would also be Guinness.“