Investment Banking

The approach that many investment banking firms take is often driven by their compensation structure, proprietary solutions their firm wants to sell, or the limited perspective or preferences of a senior banker working on a particular client’s challenges or strategic occasion.

We do none of the above.

At Avondale our job is to help our healthcare clients capture new opportunities or address challenges  facing them. Period. No matter how long that takes, and regardless of how many of the brightest minds in the business we need to bring to the table to make it happen.

Avondale uses a “team approach” to achieve truly individualized and custom solutions for our clients investment banking needs and challenges. Instead of working with just one or two lead advisors, Avondale assembles a team of our senior partners who are the most qualified, experienced and fluent in the specific dynamics of the assignment and its objectives. Whether that strategic event is a merger or joint venture, purchase, sale, spin-off, capital raise or a fairness opinion.

We explore alternative scenarios and options, examine the full downstream impact of each, and help shepherd the process of executing the right solution throughout the transaction.

We listen intently. We challenge politely. And we think strategically.

As a result, each healthcare client’s solution is unique and not a boilerplate formula or copy of a master plan designed to meet a theoretical objective. The firm provides truly tailored advisory services to achieve success in a climate marked by increasing variety, complexity and flexibility. This environment makes our brand of independent and unbiased advice more productive – and more enjoyable for all parties involved – than ever before.